Sundials in Ireland

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Sundial Time = Clock Time - Daylight Savings Time ± Equation of Time - Longitude Correction.

Calculator below adds/subtracts values from clock time to derive sundial time

Ensure that your computer's clock is set accurately

Change only to your Latitude/Longitude(decimal degrees) in blue boxes below

Latitude:         Longitude :  (West is negative)

Clock Time
Daylight Savings (hour "on" during the summer)
Equation of Time
Longitude Correction
Total to subtract from Clock Time to get Sundial Time
Sundial Time

Real-Time values re-calculated every 5 seconds.

Free Java source code for Solar Calculations courtesy of Anselmo Pérez Serra

If you know the location of a sundial in Ireland (NOT a mass produced DIY Store garden ornament) please email it to me (Click here to email M.J.Harley) - a member of British Sundial Society

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