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Kilbeg Upper, Co. Meath

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Photo courtesy of 'GOOGLE'

Google© satellite view of Kilbeg Upper,Graveyard. There are records of a church here since 1302. The rectangular foundations of an Early Christian Church can be clearly seen inside the old oval graveyard.

The dial is/was in the old Kilbeg Upper graveyard located on the Deerpark Heights road to Nobber north east of Carlanstown, Co.Meath

Bennet Tombstone

Sundial drawn by the Geologist/Antiquarian/Artist George Du Noyer in the 1860s. Approximately 15" wide, 3/4" thick, with 18" showing above ground.
'Plan of old church' and 'foundations'
'From the old grave yard of Kilbeg upper Co meath sheet 11/8 - near Carlanstown'

The medieval style dial is centred on the slab and the "[PR]AY FOR TERRENCE BENNET 1746" was added later. The hour lines in the upper left quadrant appear to be missing. It is not known if this was deliberate or if the stone is damaged in this area, the [PR] of 'PRAY' is definitely broken off.
See Kells Dial and Donaghpatrick Dial for examples of similar medieval dials, both of which are within a few miles of Kilbeg.

Lat 53° 47' North    Long 6° 49' West

Irish Grid   N   277631   281835

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