Sundials in Ireland - Medieval Dials

Askeaton Co.Limerick

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Ruins of Askeaton Friary

Cloisters at Askeaton Friary

Sundial at Askeaton Friary

Special thanks to Brian Thomas McElherron for drawing this dial to my attention and for photo.

There is an ancient stone dial similar to the Muckross dial in Co. Kerry carved on the cill of one of the north range cloister openings at the Franciscan Friary at Askeaton. It has a deep hole for a gnomon and 24 hour lines subdivided into half hours. Askeaton Friary was founded by Gerald, 4th Earl of Desmond, about 1400. Much of the present building dates from 1420-40. Only two of the pillars of the cloister arcade are modern replacements and the original vaulted roof is intact.

Location: In the centre of Askeaton town approximately 20Km west of Limerick City on the N69 road

Lat 52° 36' North    Long 8° 58' West

Irish Grid      R   134430    150510