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Kells Co. Meath

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Thanks to Carmel McLaughlin for Photo

An ancient stone dial, originally intended to lie flat, it now leans against the wall of St. Columba's Church, Kells, which is built on the site of the 6th century Kells Monastery.

Almost identical to the dial at nearby Donaghpatrick. 320mm in diam. with a ¾ inch deep hole for a gnomon and 24 hour lines each 15° apart. Carved on a stone 4 ft.long by 20 inches wide.

Sketch made by the Geologist/Antiquarian/Artist George Du Noyer.

The notes on the drawing read -
width here 20 in
    [shoulder?]  4 in

  length of stone about 4 ft

  diameter of outer circle 12½ in
          -         inner     -      9    -

   From the grave yard of the church of Kells
                                                            Co Meath
                                                                            15 June 64

The dial would have originally lain horizntally, see below.
Note the old Celtic capital 'R'. What does it stand for ???

Another dial, now lost, drawn by the Geologist/Antiquarian/Artist George Du Noyer. Notes on the drawing read:

June 1866
Slab of grit from the grave yard
of Kells abbey -
I believe this also a very primitive
              sun dial . the hole being
   for the insertion of a wooden Gnomon

Kells is 25km north of Navan on the N3 to Cavan

National Monument No 108

Lat 53° 43' North  Long 6° 51' West

Irish Grid N  273971   275870

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