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Muckross Co.Kerry

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Ruins of Muckross Friary

Cloisters at Muckross Friary

Sundial at Muckross Friary

Special thanks to Brian Thomas McElherron for drawing this dial to my attention and for photo.

There is an ancient stone dial similar to the Kells and Donaghpatrick dials in Co. Meath carved on the cill of one of the cloister openings at the Franciscan Friary at Muckross. It has a deep hole for a gnomon and 24 hour lines. The Franciscan Friary at Muckross was founded in the 15th century and is in a remarkable state of preservation. The tower was added after the church was built and is the only Franciscan tower in Ireland which is as wide as the church. The cloister and its associated buildings are complete and an old yew tree stands in the centre.
The Friary was suppressed in 1541 but was formally re-established in 1612 after it had been re-occupied and partially restored in 1602. The restoration work was completed by 1626, but the community had to leave again in 1629. Shortly afterwards the friars returned once more, but were finally driven out by the Cromwellians in 1652.

Location: 4km from Killarney along N71 (Kenmare Road) near Muckross Park Hotel

Lat 52° 2' North    Long 9° 30' West

Irish Grid      V   097340    087020