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Saul Co. Down

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Drawn by the Geologist/Antiquarian/Artist George V. Du Noyer in the 1860s. Now 'lost' - whereabouts unknown.
Width was about 450mm and it projected above the ground about 680mm

Saul (from the Irish Saḃal Ṗádraig , meaning "Patrick's barn") is the name of a townland to the east of Downpatrick in County Down. It is claimed that when Saint Patrick came to Ireland in 432 A.D. strong currents swept his boat through the Strangford Lough tidal narrows and he landed where the Slaney River flows into the lough. The local chieftain, Dichu, was quickly converted and gave him a barn for holding services. Allegedly, Saint Patrick died in Saul on 17 March 461 A.D. and is buried in nearby Downpatrick. Saul's early Christian monastery was burnt by the Vikings. It was later replaced by a medieval abbey, which was plundered by Edward Bruce when he invaded Ireland in 1315. A Church of Ireland church was built in 1932 to commemorate the 1500th anniversary of Patrick’s arrival. Close by, on the crest of Slieve Patrick (from the Irish Sliaḃ Ṗádraig , meaning "Patrick's Mountain") is a massive statue of Saint Patrick with bronze panels showing scenes from his life.

Lat 54° 21' North   Long 5° 40' West

IRISH GRID     J  351194   346413

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