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West Skeam Island Co.Cork

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West Skeam Island, Roaring Water Bay, Church Cross, Co. Cork

No sketches, photos or reference to it are to be found in the literature BUT Oral Tradition has it that the island was unoccupied until three cottages were built in 1847 (at the height of the Great Famine) on the site of an early Christian monastery and that the field at the rear of the cottages was called the Sundial Field for generations. It has been hinted that the sundial was used in the building of these cottages.

West Skeam Island is circa 33 acres with two smaller Island’s Leighillaum and Illaunatrumppaum nearby. The Island is situated one and half miles from Cunnamore pier. The setting is spectacular with the Island safely nestled into the heart of Roaring Water Bay looking out onto Fastnet Rock Lighthouse, the last sight of land for emigrants as they sailed west to North America.

The three period cottages were extensively renovated in 2005 and the island was offered for sale in 2013.

Latitude 51°29'43" N
Longitude 9°26'11" W

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