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Newgrange, Bru na Boinne, Co. Meath

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Newgrange Bru na Boinne

The best known monument within the Bru na Boinne complex is the impressive passage grave of Newgrange, famous for its winter solstice alignment. In 1962, excavation and restoration work on the tomb began under the supervision of Professor Michael J. O'Kelly and continued until 1975 when it was opened to the public. Newgrange is also famous for its many examples of megalithic rock art among which are many recognisable sun symbols.

Photo by permission of Ken Williams

The Winter Solstice sun enters the tomb through an opening over the entrance known as the roofbox (The only other example of a roofbox currently known in Ireland is at Carrowkeel)....

Thanks to Eve O’Kelly, daughter of Claire O’Kelly who made the original tracing, for permission to reproduce this drawing.

.... and on the back of the stone corbel that supports the lintel over the roofbox there is a carving that more than resembles a sundial

Location: Well signposted - 50kms north of Dublin and 6kms inland from Drogheda

Lat 53° 42' North    Long 6° 30' West

Irish Grid      V   299600    273500

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