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Dromoland Castle Hotel

Sundial in the walled garden at Dromoland Castle Hotel

Dromoland castle, a magnificent Renaissance structure built in the 16th century, was once the royal seat of the O'Brien clan, direct descendants of High-King Brian Boru. Refurbished and transformed into one of the finest Irish five star hotels in 1962, it retains priceless reminders of the castle's historic past. Splendid woodcarvings and stone statuary, hand-carved paneling and fine antique furnishings surround guests.Visit their web site at Dromoland Castle

The Chapter Ring on the modern brass dial in the walled garden shows the time from 4a.m. to 8p.m. in Roman numerals with four as IIII. There are two minute rings, the inner has 15 minute divisions, the outer ring has 30, 15 and 5 minute divisions, with the half hours marked by fleur-de-lys. The time is read from outside the dial i.e. when facing the sun. It has a 'split noon' to compensate for the wide pierced gnomon. Decorations on the plate include the O'Brien knot, an Armorial Shield and the O'Brien Gaelic war cry "Lamh Laidir an Uchtar" which translates "The Strong Hand Uppermost". There is an Equation of Time table in the form of four concentric rings "sun too fast sun too slow", "Jan Feb" etc., days "10, 20 30 or 31" as appropriate and minute marks. At the centre of the dial there is a large 8 point compass rose "N" "NE" "E" etc.

Dromoland Castle is located just outside Newmarket on Fergus, 30Km NW of Limerick city, 12Km from Shannon Airport.

Lat 52° 46' North    Long 8° 54' West

Irish Grid   R   139540   168090

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