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The Old Head of Kinsale

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The lighthouse at the tip of the 220-acre Old Head of Kinsale headland was built in the 17th century by Sir Robert Reading, one of six erected around the Irish coast. The tower is 30 metres high and sits on a 40 metre high cliff edge. Today the headland with its spectacular scenery has been turned into a magnificent 18-hole golf course.

 The Stone of Accord

This replica of the Old Head standing stone is known as the 'Stone of Accord' and is used by the Old Head Golf Course as their logo. The hole in the centre was reputedly used by married couples and others who would link fingers through the hole signifying the renewal of their vows or contracts.

Photo courtesy of Cormac Lalor

Made by Cormac Lalor, this modern 400mm diameter by 20mm thick Valentia slate sundial is located in the garden of the Golf Links Clubhouse.

Photo courtesy of Cormac Lalor

The gnomon is of 6mm polished marine grade stainless steel. The shadow cast by the mid point of the 'W' shaped notch on the gnomon traces the summer solstice curve on the 21st June each year. The outline of the Old Head headland and the Stone of Accord are engraved. There is a 'noon' gap in the chapter ring to compensate for the gnomon thickness. The Roman hour numerals are offset on the chapter ring by one hour and 34 minutes, the hour for summer time when our watches are set 'on' and the 34 minutes for difference in longitude between Greenwich and Old Head. For watch time during the summer, the minute value shown on the Equation of Time plaque for the appropriate date has to be added to the dial time. The dial is signed by the maker 'Cormac' and dated MMX. Also included is the Latitude and Longitude of Old Head and the motto "FROM THE ÆONS OF TIME"

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The Equation of Time plaque.

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The 220-acre Old Head promontory is located 10K south of Kinsale town on the southern coast of Ireland.

Access to the headland is restricted. If you want to view this dial, phone ahead (+353)(0)21 4778 444 to request permission.

Lat 51° 36' 30" North  Long 8° 32' 07" West

Irish Grid   W  162922    039654

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