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Derry Sundial

108Kb Photo

This Vertical Dial, made from polished Kilkenny limestone 550mm wide by 400mm high, has a 100mm high 10mm diameter pointed-pin gnomon.

Declining West it resembles a railway track -
When the tip of the shadow touches a 'sleeper' it indicates the time as shown in Roman numerals below the bottom 'rail'.

When the shadow tracks along the top 'rail' it indicates the Winter Solstice, Zodiac sign Capricorn ♑.

Along the bottom 'rail' it indicates the Summer Solstice, Zodiac sign Cancer ♋

and the centre 'rail' indicates the Equinoxes, Zodiac sign Aries ♈ for Spring, Libra ♎ for Autumn.

Translation of the Lain inscription -
"M.J.Harley had me made in the Year of Our Lord 2005"

Lat 55° 1' 22" North    Long 7° 18' 30" West

Irish Grid   C   244235   419690

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