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Derry Sundial

A 510mm across the flats damaged octagonal slate sundial with a pierced scroll brass gnomon in a private collection.The angle between the gnomon style and the plate is the same as the design location's "Lat.55°N" and it bears the makers name "J. Allen fecit" and the date "1937".
There ar two Chapter Rings, the inner shows solar time 4a.m. to 8p.m. in Arabic numerals, the outer is longitude corrected to approximate to G.M.T. in Roman numerals with IV for four. It has a noon gap to compensate for the 20mm wide gnomon style. There are two fractional time rings of 30,15 and 5 minutes inside each Chapter Ring. The time is read from 'inside' the dial, that is, with your back to the sun.
It has a 32 point compass rose with only the cardinal points marked "E" "W" "S" at the base of the gnomon

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