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Galway Sundial

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A modern (Made by Francis McCormack) 1998 limestone analemmatic dial in Coole Park 3K north of Gort on the N18. Delineated by Capt.Owen Deignan it is longitude and summer time corrected. A visitor standing at the proper point on the date scale with their back to the sun will see their shadow indicating the time.
The semi-eliptical hour ring, 6.3 metre major axis, is made of carved limestone 340mm deep. The Arabic hour numerals are 85mm high, a diamond indicates the half hours, a dot the quarter hours. The date scale slab shows the months in the form "JAN" "FEB" etc. Above the date slab is an Equation of Time graph with instructions on its use. The area between the date scale slab and the hour ring is infilled with cobbles.
On a separate commemeration stone, a 750mm high limestone block, nearby is a dedication.

Coole Park, now a nature reserve, was the home of Lady Augusta Gregory, dramatist and co-founder with Edward Martyn and W.B. Yeats of the Abbey Theatre.

Lat 53° 5' North    Long 8° 50' West

Irish Grid    L  145000   204000

        Many thanks to Eamonn Stewart for information and photos of this dial

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