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Galway Sundial

A modern bronze dial in excellent condition located in the Market Square, Dunmore, North County Galway on the N83, 12km north of Tuam, near the borders of Roscommon and Mayo.
The dial plate is 750mm in diameter and 15mm thick. The gnomon is 500mm high by 15mm thick with a 40mm wide backing. There is an 8 point compass rose marked "W" "S" and "E" and an Equation of Time scale reading from left to right, in the form of five concentric rings (1)"Jan" "Feb" etc., (2)days "10, 20, 30 or 31" as appropriate, (3) marks for individual days and (4)EoT values (5)"sun too fast" "sun too slow"
EoT zero values are shown at Apr 15, June 25, Aug 31 and Dec 18.
The Chapter Ring shows 4a.m. to 8p.m. in Roman numerals with IIII for four. The fractional time ring inside the Chapter Ring has 15 and 7.5 min divisions. The fractional time ring around the outside edge of the plate has 10 and 2 min divisions. The half hours marked "30".
Inscriptions on the plate read "Margaret Keaveney 1935 - 1982" "Dunmore 1996" and "Black Rock 54.18" . The dial was commissioned and donated by a local man, Tom Keaveney and erected by the local community/heritage group in 2000. It is modelled on a dial made for the Blackrock (Co. Sligo) Lighthouse in 1832, which is now in a private collection.
The dial sits on a low stone pillar which is inscribed " 53° - 37.5 L.A.T."

Many thanks to Eamonn Stewart for information and photos of this dial

Lat 53° 37' North   Long 8° 44' West

Irish Grid    M  151500   263300

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