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Louth Sundial

The 7.3m diameter Blackrock sundial, believed to be the biggest in Ireland was erected during 2000 to mark the millennium year. It occupies a large paved area in the centre of the promenade. The 3m high gnomon, created by local artist Tanya Nyegaard, consists of a bronze sculpture of a female diving figure on a hexagonal stone pedestal. The gold numerals on the "face" of the sundial are 30 cms high, and are engraved in black granite.
Inscriptions in English and Gaelige on the pedestal read "Anno Domini 2000 – To commemorate the jubilee of the birth of Christ, and to mark the beginning of a new millennium". The year is also expressed by the Roman numerals MM and in binary notation 11111010000 to reflect today's computer technology. A Gaelige seanḟocal (an Irish proverb) on the "face" of the sundial emphasises the linkage between the sea and time - Ag tuile 'is ag trá a ċaiṫeann an ḟarraige an lá (ebbing and flowing is how the sea spends the day) or "Life's full of ups and downs?.
The name "Aisling" was assigned to the sculpture by a poll in the village in 2001. "Aisling" was a form of 18th century Irish poetry in which a female figure in various guises appears to the poet and …….. .

Blackrock is 6km south of Dundalk on the R172.The Millennium Project Committee, which brought the project from conception to fruition over a period of three years, were Larry Magnier (chairperson), John Horan, Jack McGahon, Brendan Watters, and Chris Fingleton. Larry also did the calculations and delineated the dial.

Lat 53° 58'  North    Long 6° 22' West

Irish Grid    J  302882   307283

Photo and text by kind permission of Larry Magnier

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