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Tyrone Sundial
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A circular brass dial in a private collection. It is 385mm in diameter and is recessed into the octagonal top of an 1150mm high octagonal stone pillar.
The dial bears a Heraldic Coat of Arms, " Cole. Maker at ye Orrery in Fleet Street London ", " Lat ° ' " There is a large 16 point compass rose labelled "S" "SSW" "SW" etc. A clockwise Equation of Time table (for a Julian year)is in the form of four concentric rings (1) "WATCH FASTER" "WATCH SLOWER" (2) EoT minute marks (3) days "10, 20, 28, 30, 31" as appropriate and (4) months "JAN" "FEB " etc.,
The chapter ring has Roman numerals with IIII for four, half hours are marked by fleur-de-lys and a split noon compensates for the solid gnomon thickness. The minute ring, marked "10" "20" "30" etc. is outside the chapter ring around the edge of the plate. Inside the chapter ring is a fractional hours ring. Time is read from outside the plate i.e. facing the sun.

The maker, Benjamin Cole(1695-1766) was working at the sign of   "ye Orrery"  from 1748 (renamed 136 Fleet St. c.1760), the Julian (pre 1752) EoT as published in 1735 by Atkinson, indicate a date of c.1750 for this dial

Information on Julian Equation of Time - courtesy of Dr. John Davis, maker of sundials and reproduction scientific instruments. Click here to visit his website

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