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Tyrone Sundial

A slate horizontal multi-dial in a private collection. 500mm deep by 400mm wide, it was made by "RICHARD MELVILLE" "Fecit AD 1842" for "Latitude 54o 40' North" and with the Latin mottoes "Tempus Fugit" and "Memento Aeternitatem" (Time flies - remember eternity) inscribed.There is a central 16-point compass rose, with the cardinal points marked "E" "S" and "W" and in addition to the central dial it has four small subsidiary dials.
The central Chapter Ring shows 4a.m. to 8p.m. in Roman numerals with IV for four. There is no noon gap to compensate for the gnomon thickness. The fractional time rings inside the Chapter Ring show hours and 30, 15 and 5 minute divisions.
The four subsidiary dials, one at each corner of the plate indicate local time at :
(North West corner) "NEW YORK" "N.America" The Chapter Ring shows 11 - 12 - 3 in Arabic numerals, with "Morning" inscribed above.
(North East corner) "Cape of Good Hope" "Africa" The Chapter Ring shows 7 - 12 - 11 in Arabic numerals, with "Afternoon" inscribed above.
(South West corner) "BOMBAY" "Asia" The Chapter Ring shows 9 - 12 - 12 - 1 in Arabic numerals, with "Evening" inscribed above.
(South East corner) "SYDNEY" "Australia" The Chapter Ring shows 3 - 12 - 7 in Arabic numerals, with "Night" inscribed above.
All five iron gnomons have corroded away and only the stumps remain.
There is an Equation of Time table, in two parts one each side of the plate, reading from left to right, in the form of four concentric rows:
(1)"JAN" to "JUNE" on east side, "JULY" to "DEC" on west side of the plate.
(2) EoT values in minutes.
(3) months divided into ten day intervals "10, 20, 30 or 31" as appropriate
(4)"clock too slow (add)" "clock too fast (sub)" as appropriate.
There is a large abstract trefoil design centred on the north side of the plate and smaller four leaf designs fill otherwise blank spaces all over the plate.

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