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Athlone Sundial

Special thanks to Gearoid O’Brien, Senior Executive Librarian, for drawing this dial to my attention

An undated, unsigned vertical declining (not facing due south) sundial is located on the wall at the front entrance to the Aidan Heavey Library in Athlone. Designed by David Harber, it shows full hour lines from 9a.m to 7p.m. in Roman numerals and half hours marked by shorter lines.

Clock time differs from Solar time on a daily basis. The following table shows how much clock time in Athlone is ahead of solar time on the 21st of each month.

Dec(Winter Solstice) 31mins,
Jan 43mins,
Feb 45mins,
Mar(Spring Equinox) 39mins,
Apr 91mins,
May 89mins
Jun(Summer Solstice) 94mins,
Jul 99mins,
Aug 95mins,
Sep(Autumn Equinox) 84mins,
Oct 76mins,
Nov 18mins

Click here for my explanation as to why they differ

Lat 53° 26' North   Long 7° 57' West

Irish Grid    N  203323   242582

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