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Ballyargan Chapel

Vertical Dial

A 750mm square, vertical south, slate dial 5 metres up on the wall of the re-built St. Patrick's Ballyargan Roman Catholic Chapel at Mullaghglass, 4k north of Poyntzpass off the A27. Almost identical to the dial at the Catholic Chapel of Lissummon some 9k away. "MADE BY THOMAS M'CREASH" inscribed "THE REVEREND ARTHUR McGUIRK P.P. BALLYMORE" "ANNO DOMINI" "1826" "LATITUDE 54 D 14M N" There is a Latin motto "MEMENTO MORI" ( Remember you will die) and two mottoes in English "Years following years steal something everyday At last they steal us from ourselves away" Alexander Pope 1688-1744 and "This plainly shews to foolish man That his short life is but a span" Author unknown. The dial shows the time from 4a.m. to 8p.m. in Roman numerals IIII for four. Inside the Chapter Ring there are 5 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute and hour time rings. There is a split noon to compensate for the bronze scroll gnomon thickness.
The dial is decorated with a small sun (dots for eyes, nose, and mouth) at the top, two rising suns with floral background, one in each bottom corner, and two half moons with a human face in profile at each side.
Thomas McCreash was the first schoolmaster in the Poyntzpass Chapel School from around 1813 till 1826. Four of his dials adorn local churches and another is in a private collection.

British Sundial Society SR No 5866

Lat 54° 19' North    Long 6° 24' West

Irish Grid    J  304200   342700

Thanks to Frank Watters of the Poyntzpass & District Local History Society for information on McCreash.
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