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If you know the location of a sundial in Ireland (NOT a mass produced DIY Store garden ornament) please email it to me (Click here to email M.J.Harley) - a member of British Sundial Society

Telling the time by a sundial

Sundial Time V. Watch Time

Why does my sundial and watch tell different times?

Which is right ?

Answer - they both are.

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Solar Information

Displays todays Equation of Time, Sundial Time, etc. etc.

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The Irish Grid Co-ordinate System

Click on the map for an explanation of the grid system

International Sundial Trail Competition

There were nine entries for the 2001 Sundial Trails competition sponsored by Sundials on the Internet :-
The Gorlitz, Germany, Sundial Trail by Martha A. Villegas and José C. Montes
The Hampshire seaports Sundial Trail by Peter Ransom
The Leicester Time Trail by Allan Mills
The Rupelmonde Sundial Trail in Flanders by Jozef Pauwels
The County Down Sundial Trail by Michael J. Harley
The City of London Sundial Trail by Katherine Hallgarten and colleagues
The Chipping Camden Sundial Trail by Jill Wilson
The Derbyshire Sundial Trail by Peter Daykin
The Israel Sundial Trail by Shaul Adam

The winning entry, was the City of London Sundial Trail

Sundial Makers

Dr. John Davis makes unique sundials and related scientific instruments on individual commissions. Specialising in etched brass dials with finely detailed faces, he can also manufacture in anodised aluminium and composites.

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Harriet James restores and makes unique hand carved stone and slate incised sundials. These include horizontal garden sundials mounted on a plinth, vertical sundials for buildings and garden walls, multi-sundials with several faces, school playground sundials, miniature sundials and old church sundials.

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Internet Links

The British Sundial Society is an organisation with members from many different backgrounds and countries. There are professional scientists, artists in stone and metal, historians and designers, together with many others who are simply interested in sundials and how they work.

To learn about the society, what it does and how to join us, click on the logo.

The North American Sundial Society - carries much general information about dialling.

To learn about the society and what it does, click on the logo.

Scottish sundials are, in this Scottish webmaster's opinion, the most adventurous and distinctive in the world. Click on the link to access his site.

Information about all aspects of sundials, including sundial makers, books, journals, Sundial Trails all over the world, national societies, sundial projects you can do and dozens of useful dialling links

Web site for a group of three sundial amateurs called 'gnomonica' who are compiling an inventory of sundials in the french speaking part of Belgium (Wallonia and Brussels).

To learn about the society and what it does, click on the logo.

Website of the Sundial Society of The Netherlands
Secretary: Hendrik J. Hollander, De Breekstraat 35, 1024 LJ Amsterdam. Netherlands

To learn about the society and what it does, click on the logo.

Mythical Ireland, by Anthony Murphy and Richard Moore is an exploration of ancient Ireland, and in particular the Stone Age sites of the Boyne Valley, in the context of astronomy, mythology, art, photography and archaeology. They believe the ancient people were master astronomers, confidently able to mark the solstices and to understand the cosmic cycles like the Metonic Cycle of the moon and Precession of the Equinoxes


The Ancient Sundials of Ireland

Mario Arnaldi, The British Sundial Society, 2000.
Paperback 78 pages.
ISBN 0 9518404 2 8


Michael J. O'Kelly Thames and Hudson,1988
Paperback 288 pages
ISBN: 0500273715

Knowth and the Passage Tombs of Ireland

George Eogan, Thames and Hudson,1986
Hardback 247 pages
ISBN-10: 0500390231

Irish Symbols of 3500 B.C.

N.L.Thomas, Mercier Press, 1988
Paperback 112 pages
ISBN 0 85342 856 5

The Stones of Time

Calendars, Sundials and Stone Chambers of Ancient Ireland
Martin Brennan, Inner Traditions International,1994
Paperback 216 pages
ISBN: 0892815094

Sundials of the British Isles (Limited Edition of 600 copies) £48.50

28 Authors -Mike Cowham, Editor, ISBN 0-9551155-0-7 2005,
Hard Back, 272 pages in Full Colour.
Details of 400 dials, (33 in Ireland)
Click here to email Editor and to buy this book Mike Cowham

SUNDIALS History, Art, People, Science

Mark Lennox-Boyd, ISBN 0-7112-2494-3,
Hard Back, 143 pages in Full Colour.
Copiously illustrated book charting the evolution of sundials from the neolithic era to the present day.


Christopher St.J.H.Daniel, Shire Publications Ltd. 2004
Paperback 48 pages
ISBN: 074780558X

Sundials: Their Theory And Construction

Albert E. Waugh, Dover, 1973
Paperback 228 pages
ISBN 0 486 22947 5

Sundials - History, Theory and Practice

René R. J. Rohr, Dover, 1996
Paperback 176 pages
ISBN 0 486 29139 1

If you know the location of a sundial in Ireland (NOT a mass produced DIY Store garden ornament) please email it to me (Click here to email M.J.Harley) - a member of British Sundial Society

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