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Armagh Observatory
Armagh Observatory
Armagh Observatory

Sundial at Armagh Observatory
Horizontal sundial in the Parterre Garden at Armagh Observatory

Analemmatic Dial at Observatory
Analemmatic Sundial at Armagh Observatory
A modern 1990 analemmatic dial made from concrete tiles in a brick paved garden beside the Observatory. With a 4m major axis and 1.7m semi-minor axis, the hour markers are 225mm square with 50mm diam hour holes, with Arabic hour numerals from 3 to 21. A 1m by 650mm concrete scale of dates slab shows the months in the form 1.01, 2.01 etc. The solstices are marked 21 June and 21 Dec.
A visitor to the garden standing at the proper point on the date scale with their back to the sun will see their shadow indicating GMT

The Observatory is located close to the centre of the city of Armagh, adjacent to the Armagh Planetarium in approximately 14 acres of landscaped grounds known as the Armagh Astropark. In addition to the two sundials there are scale models of the Solar System and the Universe, two sundials and historic telescopes, as well as telescope domes and other outdoor exhibits. A Human Orrery is located close to the main building of the modern Observatory. Click here to visit their website

British Sundial Society SR No 3613

Lat 54° 21' North    Long 6° 39' West

Irish Grid      H  287950    345700

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