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Tyrone Sundial

There are two sundials 10 metres up on the south and west walls of the tower at St Michael's Church of Ireland Church, Castlecaulfield, Co Tyrone. The church was built in 1685 by William Caulfield, Lord Charlemont, to replace the Parish Church at nearby Donaghmore that was destroyed in the rebellion of 1641. The south windows and some of the other carved stonework of St Michaels came from the old Parish Church. The chancel,vestry and transcepts were added in the 1860s.

South facing dial

The direct south dial is made from several dressed stones set flush with the random rubble stone of the tower. It is dated 1685 the year the Church was built. The 16 and 85 are separated by a monogram or symbol which is now unrecognisible because of the erosion of the stone. The dial seems to have been restored at some stage as the style of the gnomon is a piece of copper pipe tied with wire to the simple horizontal iron support. The gnomon has now separated from the root support. It shows the time from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Roman numerals with no divisions of the hours. There is a simple narrow plaster frame around the dial possibly made when the joints between the stones of the tower were re-pointed.

West facing dial

The direct west dial is also made from several dressed stones set flush with the random rubble stone of the tower. It is undated and has a T-shaped gnomon with a serrated edge on the bottom of the cross bar. It shows the time in hours fro 1p.m. to 8p.m. in a mixture of Roman and Arabic numerals, presumably because there wasn't sufficient space to use all Roman. It reads I, II, III, 4, V, 6, 7, and 8.

Castlecaulfield is 5 kilometres west of Dungannon.

Lat 54° 31' North  Long 6° 50' West

Irish Grid  H   275400   362900

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